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WordPress Hosting

Why host your Wordpress Website with Network & Security Wordpress Statistics WordPress is the world’s most popular...

Critical Reasons to Backup Office 365

Critical Reasons why businesses need to BackUp Office 365  When we speak to businesses and we ask the question,...

5 Steps To Efficient Working For Your Remote Workforce

Remote Working for small to medium to large businesses, even in ordinary times, overseeing a remote workforce can be a...

Zoom Issues and Best Practices

Zoom, depending on what you read, has gone from a reported 10 million users to over 350 million worldwide in a matter...
Microsoft ends Windows 7 support: What should you do?

Microsoft ends Windows 7 support: What should you do?

Image copyright Oli Scarff Cyber-security experts are urging Windows 7 users to upgrade their operating system. Microsoft is going to stop supporting Windows 7 from Tuesday so that it can focus on “newer technologies”. As a result, Windows 7 users will no longer receive the all-important security updates and patches that keep their machines safe.…

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