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Network and Security – IT Support Services

It’s like having your very own IT Department when you need it

When we look at your requirements, thats exactly where we start – YOUR needs. Whether its support for a single computer right through to a multisite business with a datacenter and complex IT needs.

Business IT Support

Network & Security provide leading IT Provision and Support services to businesses in the Home Counties and London. We deliver on your requirements and always focus on solving your key frustrations in the business. Whether thats the response time to get something looked at, or solving ongoing niggling issues that keep reoccurring.

We are a full service IT business, providing turnkey and bespoke solutions to business, from the Internet Connection right through to PC’s. Servers. Data Security and Malware protection. We aim to resolve your issues quickly and seamlessly, resulting in less downtime and improving productivity, and provide key solutions around business continuity and data backups.

By working closely with your team we will learn your IT systems and architecture from the ground up and help you to grow and enhance your IT systems and strategies. We also understand the priorities you have as a business and recognise the importance of keeping within your budget and delivering solutions that give a good return on investment and value for money.


2018 Q4 Trends

We compile regular statistics from various sources on the Internet and review trends and information with our client base on a regular basis to ensure that our customers are informed to make decisions on their IT solutions.

Businesses ceasing operations after Ransomware 22%
Enterprises now using sensitive data in the cloud 85%
# SME’s that don't test their DR plan 90%
48% of all email is spam 48%
Neil Kemp

Neil Kemp

Company Director
Colin Hill

Colin Hill

Company Director