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Ever since computers have been around, there have been backups. We come across, regularly, businesses (and individuals) who dont really back up their data or computers, or have a backup, but never test it. When an issue occurs and you need to restore, if you dont backup, or never test the backups, you could be in a situation where you have lost data.

Simple issues are computer crashes, deleting an email that you wanted to keep, right through to the more serious in nature around a hack, phishing attempt or even encryption through Ransomware or a simple issue like a fire, theft or flood.

Cloud Backup

Options for Backups for your Business

Whatever you choose as a medium for your backup, its important to test your recovery. Backups are something you dont ever really want to be in a position to use, but its critical for any business to be able to rely on them. Your business may not be the type to a complete business recovery model, but test the recovery of your files and test your backup systems.

Having data in the cloud, such as Google Drive or Office 365, are great  in terms of reliability and continuity in an example where your computer dies, its quite straightforward to set up a new one with the same level of access. However should something cause some data corruption or something becomes inaccessible. you want to rely on being able to recover.

Some options are

  • External Drive – we have customers using this. Its not recommended but sometimes a necessary medium to back up. If you are in a position where this is the only option for you, these can degrade or crash themselves. Ensure that its separate from your computer in case of theft and test regularly.
  • Cloud Backup – this is where an agent on your machine or on the network takes the files and backs up to a secure location in the cloud. Ensure you know that the data is secure online (encryption, SAS70 Datacenter etc) and you test the restore process. More importantly you understand how long a recovery can take.
  • Take a look at our Online Backup service for business.

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