A fantastic example of a Phishing email that has got through our various layers of filtering at the business.

After a millisecond of excitement thinking that I have had something back from the government, realisation kicks in (who gets money back from the Government ?) and red flags start to appear.

[vc_column_text]Firstly look at the Subject line. They are making it great to look at and inviting you in by using words such as Automatic Payment, Payment Return. Secondly look at the date format, a few months and dates you could get away with a US formatted date, but not today.

Secondly, the from address. Its always worth a glance at the header information here, you can see the real email address being from telenet.be – not a gov.uk site. This should raise suspicions that its not a valid government email address.

Thirdly, I never pay on the credit card, and not entirely sure HMRC would allow it, any money owing.

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