Reusing passwords from one account or service to another

Password Management and Password Reuse. In the press, we see quite regularly breaches happening when a user doesn’t have Password Management and Password Reuses the same password on one service as well as another. We completely appreciate that remembering long, complex passwords is difficult or somewhat impossible. In particular in business we recommend the use of a Password Management tool.

I talk this week about how breaches are not the result of one company, and in the case of Disney+, its the issue of reused passwords by their customers. The accounts were bought from the dark web from a.n.other compromised service and literally just tried on this one.

Top Tips

  • Use a password manager – take a look at one we recommend 1Password,
  • Utilise Multi-factor authentication wherever you can, this better protects your account and personal data

A staggering 52%, according to a survey back in 2018, of users reused at least 1 password, its not a great practice and a business tool for storing, managing and retrieving your passwords, along with managing access and availability to your users, is a must. Also a staggering 81% of breaches are linked to passwords in general, so they are a key piece of virtual infrastructure for your business.

Password Management

A good password manager needs to have a couple of attributes;

  • store passwords in an encrypted form
  • accessible, with rights management, to your users and staff
  • let you know when there is a reused password in the system
  • inform you of any breaches to sites where your password is used
  • inform you of the availability of Multi-factor authentication on a site or service

Password Management and Password Reuse

Make sure you have good password management and password reuse policies in place in your Business. It is one of the top areas that we consult in as a business.

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