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Written by Daria Isanska

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Effective Cyber Security: An Urgent Business Priority

No business can survive without a comprehensive cyber security strategy. A hacker’s dream is any business that’s not secured or prepared.

However, to have an effective cyber security strategy there are a few things that need to be considered. Like finding a person that can take responsibility for the business’s security. Perhaps outsourcing some or all of the work might help.

It’s also vital that your cyber security strategy complements your business strategy. It shouldn’t get in the way of your employee’s productivity but rather encourage it.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Setting a few achievable goals will ensure that the strategy will be successful. Focusing on too many things at once could mean that you don’t achieve anything. When it comes to cyber security each element needs special care and attention it can’t be half done because that’s as good as not doing anything.

Remember it’s an ongoing process. Cyber threats are constantly changing and adapting, so your security strategy needs to as well.

cyber security


Know your threats and risks

Cyber security threats have become more complex. With a wide range of sophisticated attacks, it’s critical that you understand how they work and especially how they can infiltrate your network. Essentially. this will help you determine the most vulnerable areas in your business, ones that need higher security and attention. We have several blog posts explaining in detail various cyber attacks


Evaluate the current state of your security environment

Gain an understanding of the assets your company has to protect. These will be business functions that are critical to your operations. In addition, getting a threat assessment, security assessment and penetration test will help you understand where your current security stands and you can then determine what needs to be improved.


Proactive monitoring

It’s not enough to invest once in a security strategy and hope for the best. You have to consistently monitor it as it will enable you to effectively respond to attacks. There have been incidents where a business experienced a cyber attack and managed to overcome it. However, they did not monitor effectively and failed to determine where the attack came from. So, just after they got their business up on their feet, they were attacked again.


Create a Policy

Cybersecurity is one area where it’s good to establish protocols. It doesn’t have to be complicated, here are some things to include:

  • Password requirements
  • Outline email security measures
  • Explain how to handle sensitive data
  • Set rules around handling technology
  • Set standards for social media and internet access

for good cyber security you need to protect your data

Data Security

This is particularly critical for businesses that handle sensitive client information or valuable data that can be abused by criminals. Carry out secure and frequent data backups, you can read our blog to find the best method for your business. For an extra layer of security make sure your data is encrypted.  It ensures you that if it does manage to land in the hands of a criminal, they would not be able to exploit it as the data is unreadable.



Anti-malware software is critical for any business. With such a wide range of threats circulating your business needs proactive protection against them. Without a comprehensive anti-malware solution, it’s only a matter of time before your business is attacked.


Build resilience with incident management

You need to be prepared for a successful cyber attack. And don’t think that it won’t happen to you because all businesses will experience a security incident at some point. Ensure that you have the skills and resources to quickly identify and isolate problems. Have a clear and tested plan so that your business is back up and running and you don’t lose out on critical revenue.


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