The world of technology is rapidly changing as advanced technology is consistently developed. The most recent one being Artificial Intelligence which is seen to be a far more effective solution to cyber-security because they ‘learn’ rather than being programmed.

What does AI do and how can it help?

  • It can detect any kind of malware. Hackers are producing far more complex attacks by modifying the malware codes through encryption. Because of this security software is unable to recognise the malware as something malicious. Whereas AI can learn from previous encounters and block variants or even new kind entirely as they share a similar genetic make-up.
  • AI can expand and supplement the workflow of IT technicians which will allow the industry to cut costs and time that it takes to detect cyber dangers. Technicians will be able to focus on other more important tasks that the AI is unable to deal with. This can help greatly in helping us get ahead of hackers.
  • It could also be programmed to process information about cyber threats. All of which will provide valuable insights into formulating the best security strategies. Being informed about the latest threats and news is vital for cyber-security companies to create the best and most effective strategies.
  • Biometric logins are another example of the way in which AI has helped cyber-security. As you may be aware single passwords are unsafe and a multi-factor authentication keeps your sensitive information secure. Biometric login, such as a scanned fingerprint, retina or face scan can be used as a secure second authentication method.
  • AI can track users daily and build up a profile of their typical behavior. Through this valuable information gathered it can stop any anomalies. So, if a cyber-criminal manages to log into your system the suspicious activity will be detected promptly.
  • AI is a great tool due to its ability to adapt and respond to problems almost immediately. This is important in the fast-changing world of technology.
  • AI is so advanced that it can make it’s own logical conclusions to fill in missing gaps in the data is collected.

Is Artificial Intelligence too good to be true?

Unfortunately, the method is not entirely perfect. In fact, it has produced some false positives and negatives meaning that it needs improvement.

What’s more is that there is the danger of AI being used by cyber-criminals, who could potentially develop self-learning attacks. For instance, phishing emails could learn what type of language and campaign has been the most successful. This will make cyber-attacks far more dangerous and difficult to detect than ever before.

It’s important that business do not solely rely on AI as it’s not a replacement, but rather an improvement to the way in which the cyber-security industry works and functions. Artificial Intelligence is a tool that will be as effective as it is programmed. This means that if it’s coded incorrectly it can miss out on even the obvious cyber-attacks making it completely useless. You must regularly check and assess AI like with all the other security programs.

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