Bitdefender GravityZone Business AntiVirus and AntiMalware Solutions

As a business you need solutions that you can trust. Here at Network & Security we seek out those Malware and AV vendors and services that provide excellence in three areas.

  • Fit for Purpose – any vendor we deal with has to be able to work well within the size of client that we work with, be responsive, have the right functionality and have complete ease of deployment and management
  • Value for Money – this is important. A lot of vendors scale well for the larger enterprise but fail when it comes down to the smaller organisations. We select vendors not solely on price, but price, functionality and support.
  • Tried and Tested – vendors that have a proven track record in its field.


Bitdefender is one of these vendors. We have worked extensively as a partner of Bitdefender, and its flexibility in its function and service is excellent. If as a business you are looking for an outsourced, managed, solution for AV, patching, encryption, device control and content control, Bitdefender is the client for you.

We supply businesses from a single user, right up to a large site with multiple offices. The clients are managed, which means you sit back safe in the knowledge that the service is functioning as expected.

Managed AV Services

Network & Security provide a complete outsourced and managed service, so you have the choice of a mix of both, deploying and managing yourself, or outsourcing the service to ourselves.

Bitdefender has licensable modules for the standard AV and additional modules for

  • Patching
  • Content Control (emails and web)
  • Device Control (controlling USB devices)
  • Advanced Threat Control
  • Client Firewall


GravityZone Patch Management

Unpatched vulnerabilities are frequently exploited by ransomware attacks

GravityZone Patch Management module helps enterprises improve their security by eliminating OS and application vulnerabilities in their Windows-based physical, virtual on-premises and cloud-based endpoints and servers.

The module can be added on top of existing Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security products and is managed from the same GravityZone console that customers use today.

  • Patch Management manages software updates for the largest collection of software applications in the market.
  • Supports automatic, manual and scheduled patching with the ability to postpone reboots for patching requiring a restart.
  • Flexible Patch Management: ability to create a patch inventory, limit automatic patching to admin-preferred applications and vary scheduling.
  • Reduce network traffic by distributing patches from the relay.
  • Demonstrate GDPR compliance with Patch specific reports.