Exclaimer email signatures for Microsoft 365

Exclaimer – Professional Email Signatures

Email signatures from Exclaimer are difficult to manage on a corporate level. Users can tamper with them, important elements can be missed out, your IT department has to spend considerable time carrying out updates, your brand reputation can get damaged, and you could even face legal action.Exclaimer email signature management solutions enable you to centrally design and control email signatures easily for everyone in your organisation. They allow you to update all employees’ email signatures with a single click complete with consistent branding, social media links, legally compliant disclaimers, and more.


Exclaimer’s email signature management solutions enable companies of all sizes to manage their employees’ signatures efficiently and deliver consistent branding, promotions, disclaimers and compliance statements, while substantially cutting admin overheads.The most user-friendly and powerful solutions on the market, you can easily design professional email signature templates in minutes. You don’t have to install anything, you don’t have to set up any rules, and you don’t need any HTML skills. You just create a template that suits your company’s purpose, add contact information, add graphics and images, and you’re done.

Managed Email Signatures from Exclaimer