SolarWinds Attackers Spent Months in Corporate Email System


SolarWinds’ CEO says evidence indicates attackers lurked in the company’s Office 365 email system for months ahead of the attack.

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Safely Shut Down Windows 10

Safely Shutting Down Windows

It can be frustrating on a Windows computer when your mouse freezes. A frozen mouse can occur for a lot of reasons but when it does, you may often do a hard reboot (hold the power button down until the PC turns off) on your PC that may not be necessary.

Read the full LinkedIn post here on how to Shut Down gracefully

Update Chrome to the Latest Version

Update to Google Chrome

Google have recently released an update to Google Chrome to resolve an actively attacked vulnerability.

Attackers can create a webpage that exploits the vulnerability and it can install code onto your machine if you have a user who is tricked into opening the webpage.

Go to the About screen on Chrome, and make sure its version 88.0.4324.150 or newer.

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