The first stage of engagement is assess – we review any requirements or needs you have, review any current solutions and services and advise on courses of action in general.

We perform these tasks through Consultancy, where we come in and discuss any concerns or needs with you, evaluate any existing or proposed services or solutions, and then Review with the business the whole solution.


In this stage of our Consultancy services – we provide several types of service. We produce a strategy document for the business, in whatever service or solution required.

At Network & Security we remain agnostic when it comes to solutions and vendors, but where required we can recommend products and services which will cater for the client needs and inform businesses of the latest threats and developments in the world of networking and security.


In this stage of the Consultancy LifeCycle, any solutions or services are effectively project managed to ensure that they are implemented properly, on time and to clients budget requirements.

The systems are commissioned and put live, and a maintenance plan is actioned and implemented for correct support and operations.

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